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If you’re wondering how to develop an app to enhance your business or launch a new idea, here are certain steps you should consider before the development begins. These steps are crucial to the success of your application, so don’t skip over them.

Ana Ahira

With more than 20 years experience in the software industry, Scott brings a fresh point of view when it comes to product development.

Ana Ahira

Daniel has been leading design & development projects for many years. With a strong background in design his team leadership and attention to detail proves vital for the projects we develop.

Ana Ahira

Nick, our Head of Engineering, will work closely with you to advise you on the best tech stacks, infrastructure and software development tools based on the requirements of your project.

Ana Ahira

Chris guides the intersection of design and development. Championing a collaborative approach turning ideas into polished products.

Ana Ahira

Kale, our in-house mobile developer is your subject matter expert in the mobile app development space.

Ana Ahira

Lucy will lead your quality assurance team. A senior member with more than 12 years experience and a long-standing member of the Spritely team, she will be responsible for the stability of your project during and beyond go live.

We Start From Curiosity

We want to make web3 income streams meaningful.

Experience an investment ecosystem in the palm of your hand.

And be more than a customer or a user, be a participant.


Fixing a fragmented ecosystem of many different tokens across different wallets, Amasa brings user streams to a single app.


Shield income streams against price volatility, to easily track real world value being earned.

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Customer Journey

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